The Cholesterol Lie Review
                                                          "Cholesterol is NOT the
                                                           cause of heart disease.
Inflammation is the REAL cause !"
                                                              Dr. Dwight Lundell



Heart Inflammation is damaging your health

And, it can be
easily treated !

Dropping your Cholesterol Levels will NOT lower your risk of heart disease, attack or strokes!

Dr Lundell discovered one common denominator in heart disease - heart inflammation

Dr. Dwight Lundell

Check Dr. Lundell's credentials below before you decide whether he is worthy of your trust....

25 years as a
 Cardiovascular and
  Thoracic Surgeon

He has performed Over
  5,000 Heart Surgeries
Pioneer of "Off Pump"
Heart Surgery reducing
  surgical complications and
  recovery times.

He's in the Beating Heart
  Hall of Fame

Phoenix List Top 10
 Doctors for 10 years

 Served as Chief resident
at the University of
  Arizona and Yale University
  Hospitals and later served
  as Chief of Staff and Chief
  of Surgery

Dr. Dwight Lundell




This Book has been written by one of the world's most respected heart experts ,
Dr Dwight Lundell.

It's a result of Case Studies proving Heart Inflammation is The REAL Cause of Heart Disease and Inflammation is
easily treated !!

Sold in the United States and in 17 other countries !









You're about to discover a medical fact about heart inflammation that will change your life from this moment on....

 The Great Cholesterol Lie, by Dr. Dwight 
 brings a health message about heart
and, inflammation in general, which is
 critically important and long overdue.

  Dr. Lundell holds nothing back, revealing his
  love of medicine and his speciality - the heart.

  After 25 years and over 5,000 open-heart
  surgeries,  this downloadable book has a
  straight forward plan, with  extraordinarily
  simple steps,
 that ends  constant worry about
  how to heal your heart.

  And, to do so naturally
without statin

Dr. Lundell empowers the reader to take charge of their health by understanding heart inflammation and how it causes heart disease.

In over 5,000 open heart surgeries, Dr. Lundell reports that he saw only one common denominator in every patient - heart inflammation. (for further information see the video below)

According to Dr. Lundell, cholesterol is NOT the cause of heart disease and dropping your cholesterol levels will NOT lower your risk of Heart Disease, Heart Attack, Or Strokes!

He goes on to say that before you start taking, or if you are already taking, Lipitor, Crestor, Zocor, Mevacor, Provachol, Altocor, Lesacol... or any other statin medication - you should STOP!!

"Cholesterol is NOT the cause of heart disease," said Dr. Lundell. "In my career as a cardiac surgeon, I've performed over 5,000 heart surgeries. Most of these could have been easily prevented had the patients been given the right information," he said.

The Great Cholesterol Lie is undoubtedly the most important book ever written about cholesterol, heart disease and inflammation.

 Millions of people will have a heart attack this year. Will you be one of them ? 

Do you know that....

  • Heart disease does not have to be a death sentence. You can beat it without harmful medications and painful, risky surgery.
  • Statin medications will NOT reduce your risk of heart disease. Dr Lundell advises what will.

  • If cholesterol causes heart disease, why has heart disease soared year after year despite trillions of statins dispensed and taken by over 25% of Americans? After all, isn't the test for any drug the success it has upon the condition for which it was prescribed?
  • You should forget everything you have heard about low fat diets, saturated fats, cholesterol and the causes of heart disease.

"Heart Inflammation is the real reason millions die every year from heart disease ! It's the REAL cause of heart disease and is easily treated," said Dr. Lundell.

What is inflammation? It's simply your body's natural, physiological response to protect itself from a foreign substance but under the right set of circumstances, it can literally turn against you in your arteries setting up a chain reaction of events with deadly consequences.

Dr. Lundell proved, beyond any doubt, that YOU can cure heart disease! When you follow his simple, proven, health changing program, you'll STOP - and REVERSE the heart inflammation that's damaging your arteries causing heart disease.

It really is that simple.

And he's written The Great Cholesterol Lie to show you how!

 Here's a great video where Dr. Lundell speaks about heart inflammation.
It's well worthwhile watching....


 Click here to go to
the Official Cholesterol Lie website





  "Truly a great book by a great doctor. I could not lay the book
  down until I had devoured it cover to cover"

  Actual user comment - Rachel Clark, Nevada

  "Your book enlightened me. Thank you."
  Actual user comment - Deidra Wills, Florida

  "...A wonderful revelation to my husband and me. What your
  book says makes logical sense to us,"

  Partial user comment - Diana Wise, Iowa

  "Thought provoking and easy to understand. As a nurse specializing in
  perioperative cardio-thoracic surgery and a reader of many articles on
  the subject of heart disease, I totally agree with you."
  Actual user comment - Margie Pammer, California

  "I loved your book."
  Partial user comment - Darrell Johnson, Maine

  "After reading your book we changed our lifestyle."
  Partial user comment - Ruben Rice, Arizona

Check out other testimonials HERE:

Our Research into
'The Great Cholesterol Lie'

 It's obvious from doing just a minimal amount of online research that 
   Dr. Lundell's book is timely, accurate heart disease advice that works.
   Simply put, you need to learn everything you can about your condition
   and slowing the progress of cardiovascular disease. The general
   consensus online is that this book gives a whole new meaning to the
   phrase "informed consumer."

   Most people, who have read the book, reported that their life 
    began to change for the better almost immediately.

Our Verdict:
"The Great Cholesterol Lie" gives you the expertise you need, in
   layperson's language you can understand and apply. Dr. Lundell's
   recommendations are easy to follow and simple to implement. There's
   NO ridiculously difficult-to-follow diets and no exotic concoctions. In
   fact there's nothing that would cost you an arm and a leg. We have
   no hesitation in recommending this book as it's the best book on
   eliminating heart disease that we've ever read.

 To discover more about heart inflammation, please visit the
 Official Website of The Great Cholesterol Lie



You'll also be able to hear 3 hours of amazing interviews as Dr. Lundell is asked every question imaginable about cholesterol, heart disease, statins, nutrition and inflammation. Hearing his impassioned answers will set you free from those old beliefs.

You can listen on your computer or download each interview
to play later .


 Special Bonus !

You'll receive Heart Shot™ samples, Atherosclerosis CD, Inflammation Brochure and letter from Dr. Lundell. You see - Dr. Lundell doesn't want you to have heart disease!

If all this isn't enough - if you STILL have any questions after reading this book, listening to his audios, drop an email and he'll answer your question, Personally .



For further details on these bonuses, please visit: 
 The Official Great Cholesterol Lie website


The Great Cholesterol Lie and Bonuses
 are electronic downloads.   

The Great Cholesterol Lie 
not sold
or available in any other form.

Instant download 


You won't believe how little Dr Lundell wants for
The Great Cholesterol Lie, PLUS the above Bonuses. 

It's not a misprint...

For a very special, limited time,
the TV Show price is Only $49.95.

Go to the Official Great Cholesterol Lie website !



You accept NO risk when you order Dr. Dwight Lundell's The Great Cholesterol Lie

You can order and download the book and if you are not absolutely delighted for any reason within 60 days… You will receive a prompt and courteous refund. 



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